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                                           VOIP Certified Partner

                                  Voice Over internet Protocol: Small Business VOIP Hosted PBX Solution:

                                  UNLIMITED Incoming and Outgoing Calls !!!                       

What is VoIP?

Simply put, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is an innovative way to make and receive telephone calls using your Broadband Internet connection. In technical terms, VoIP (voice over IP - that is, voice delivered using the Internet Protocol) is a term used in IP telephony for a set of facilities for managing the delivery of voice information using the Internet Protocol (IP). In general, this means sending voice information in digital form in discrete packets rather than in the traditional circuit-committed protocols of the public switched telephone network (PSTN).



  Easy to manage and Setup. Call 609.858.9823 and test for quality of our Connect Hosted VOIP.

                            ***** No Verizon **** No AT&T *** No Sprint *** or any Long Distance career.

Affordable and Cost-Effective Model:

VoIP is cheaper - this is 100% true. It can be difficult to budget for your communications costs when your monthly charges are never the same. Eliminate the fluctuation of monthly phone bills with a fixed, affordable, per-user monthly fee that includes phones, advanced calling and routing features and a powerful desktop client for secure chat and drop-and-drag call management.

VOIP can be setup either as Hosted or In-Premises. For all our small business clients we prefer hosted solutions offering them very granular auto attendant and advanced features with NO initial Capital investment what so ever.


Business grade Telecommunications for day to day business using Voice Over Internet Protocol is no more a futuristic technology. Call 609.858.9823 to the test the quality of hosted Connect VOIP solution using the latest codec known as g729. The g729 codec uses only 8 kbps of your Internet connection to carry audio from your telephone to the other party's telephone.  Most residential customers nowadays have Internet connections of 3 Mbps or higher.  That's 3000 kbps - and Connect only needs 8!  If you run a business out of your home office, you can use your Connect phone service and continue to use the Internet on your computer without noticing any sluggishness.



Using IP Phones:
An IP Phone looks just like a normal phone. The difference is that instead of working on the normal PSTN network, it is connected to a gateway or router, a device which, simply said, does the necessary mechanisms to get the VoIP communication running. The IP phone therefore does not connect to the RJ-11 socket. Instead, it uses the RJ-45 plug, which is the one we use for wired LANs. If you want to have an idea of what a RJ-11 plug is, have a look at your normal phone or your dial-up modem. It is the plug that connects the wire to the phone or modem. The RJ-45 plug is similar, but bigger.


Check our Connect features:

* Our Connect VOIP Hosted Infrastructure funded by Intel.

* Unlimited Incoming and Unlimited Outgoing Calling.

* E911. Connect provides E911 services to all its busines customers.

* Phone Number Porting

* Voice Mail, Voice Mail to Email Notification and Multiple Auto Attendants.

* Music On Hold, Call Transfer, Call Forwarding, Hold, Call waiting and Name Directory

* Microsoft Outlook Integration.

   And more advanced options with Connect+



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Full Integration:
With an IVX C-Class system, just one compact cabinet does what other systems must combine multiple boxes to do. This makes installation and maintenance much simple.

Just the right size for most small businesses. 
Up to six phone lines, up to 12 digital stations, and two dedicated analog ports (for your cordless phone, fax machine or other analog devices) — for a maximum of 20 call-processing ports.

Three music-on-hold tracks or one outside source

Automated attendantUp to 18 branches. Available for as much as or as little use as your business may require. Performs virtually limitless call routing, including directories, transfer-off-premises, pager notification.


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“We were looking for a Telephone System and ANDLogic Computers offered us a Solution that met our needs and Budget. They installed necessary

cabling with Telephone jacks, Programmed and installed ESI IVX "C" Class and also made sure the System was Upgradable to 6 Trunks and 12 Stations.

We certainly recommend ANDLogic Computers for their Technical Expertise”.

David Wagner. Wagner Insurance. Hamilton, New Jersey. 

 ESI IVX S-Class Business Phone System
Enhance your communications with the all-in-one business telephone system. 

ESI builds big-system features into the small-business IVX S-Class. The patented IVX phone system design means all vital business communications features are easily accessible. Equipped to grow to 16 phone lines, 32 digital stations, and eight analog stations, IVX S-Class gives your business a competitive edge.

System highlights (maximum capacities shown)

Total stations - 40                                                                                                                   
Digital Stations - 32 Analog stations - 8
Central Office (CO) lines - 16
Digital line cards (T1/PRI) - 1
Voice mail ports - 6
Voice storage (hours) - Up to 30
Conference ports - 4
ESI Presence Management - Optional
VIP applications - Optional

                                  ESI offers additional ways to run your business more smoothly.

Any ESI system by itself is an outstanding addition to your business, but special options
like these will make it still more valuable to you.

  • ESI Presence Management combines RF scanning technology and ESI’s award-winning telephone systems to offer presence status, call control, entrance security, and  documented tracking of users’ work hours and attendance history. For complete time and attendance management, use it with ESI TimeLine PC software.
  • VIP (Visually Integrated Phone) works within Microsoft® Outlook® to help you manage your ESI voice mail and contacts from your PC. VIP Professional adds still more features, such as auto-recording§, text-messaging, and color-coded monitoring of station status.
  • VIP PC Attendant Console greatly simplifies managing any busy office’s call traffic. Everything your attendant needs to handle your callers efficiently is just a mouse-click away.
  • VIP ACD Supervisor provides a variety of tools for better managing the unique needs of an ACD department, including a view of real-time department performance and agent status, and built-in management reports as well as the ability to create custom reports. To enhance your employees’ teamwork, VIP ACD Agent provides one-click access to fellow agents’ status.

          Free Consulting and On-site Analysis ......... 3 Yr Optional H/W Warranty....... System Relocation

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Programmers Wanted:

Minimum 5 Years Experience on Real Time Projects.

MS Access and VB. MS Office Automation\Macros. XML and Web Solutions. HTML. E- Commerce.. Flash. Dot NET. ASP. C++, VC++. AJAX & JavaScript. DBA. Oracle, DB2.  MS SQL